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Sacramento MQG

  1. When did the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild begin?

    The Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild was founded in February 2010. Our first meeting was in March 2010. Our guild is the local chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild. The Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild was founded by Alissa in February 2010. The founding branch of the Modern Quilt Guild started in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Our founder Alissa had become aware of the LA chapter and watched the Modern Quilt Guild grow. She was also aware of the modern quilting movement online, a community, but it was online. She wanted that quilting community in real life. So after checking and checking on a Sacramento chapter, she just decided to start it; someone had to. In May Alissa moved out of state and Jenniffier volunteered to manage the website and to keep the guild up and running. She too wanted to bring the Modern Quilt Guild movement to Sacramento and did not want to see the Sacramento Chapter disbanded before it really had a chance to start.

  2. What is a Modern Quilt?

    Modern Quilting is a twist on traditional quilt. For each person this may have a different meaning. For some it is modification on the methods or materials they use in their quilts. For others it maybe the use of modern fabrics. Others may believe it has to do with the look of the quilt or a way of sharing the art of quilting. Around the internet you can find many definitions of modern quilting. The Modern Quilt Guild has a great statement of what Modern Quilting is about. Our guild is accepting of all members definitions of what a modern quilt is and what modern quilting means to them.

  3. How much experience do I need to have to join?

    All levels of experience levels are welcome. We have members who have been quilting for 40 years to members who are just starting out. We welcome anyone who has an interest in modern quilting.

  4. What are the benefits of belonging to the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild?

    The Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild was created in order to provide a place and bring together the local community of non-traditional quilters. By joining our guild you will have a chance to exchange ideas with like minded people both online and in person. As our guild grows the benefits will grow and change too.

  5. When does the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meet?

    We have our general meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm. At our general meetings we have time for sharing our projects, discussing quilting, telling stories, sharing idea and working together to develop our guild. We will also be meeting for sew days and special events.

  6. Do you have to live in Sacramento to join?

    No, we have members from communities all around the Sacramento area and we welcome all modern quilters to join.

  7. What do I have to do to join?

    To be a member you must join our guild. We have membership forms available online and at our meetings. See fees for more details. 

  8. Are there membership fees?

    Yes, we do have membership fees. It is $45 dollars per year. We have membership forms available  at our meetings. If you are not ready to join you may come to meetings as a guest. 

  9. What does it mean to come to a meeting as a guest?

    If you have not joined the guild you may come to two meetings free as a guest. After that we require a $5.00 fee for participating as a guest. Guests may participate in the days activities, but to have the full benefits of member they would be required to join. 

  10. Who should I contact with questions?

    Both Members and Non-site members send an email to the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Admin [email protected].

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